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The Secret Side of Success

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services Helps Businesses Thrive in a World of  Ever Increasing Threats

When a company has been in business for decades, it’s easy to assume you know everything about it, especially if it has a prominent presence in the local community. However, you might be surprised at some little known facts that have contributed to the company’s success and growth. SACS Consulting and Investigative Services has been in business since 1989. What started as a one-man operation now includes nearly 80 professionals helping businesses nationwide. 

The Beginning

Founder and president, Timothy Dimoff, started his career in law enforcement. He was a distinguished narcotics detective and SWAT Team member, receiving the Top Police Officer award from the State of Ohio and the Special Award of Honor from the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. After an injury sidelined his career, he founded SACS, which initially focused on drug screening and investigation and later expanded to include human resources, security, and training.

The company’s tagline, “We help put you back in control of your business,” evolved as SACS found more and more ways to assist companies by removing the distractions that often prevent them from surviving and growing. “Many business lack the internal structure to put policies in place to preempt employee issues, which can result in major disruptions,” says Dimoff. 

SACS helps to mitigate risks by establishing sound HR policies and procedures to improve workplace culture, help prevent disagreements, and make certain everyone is treated equally. SACS specializes in creating HR policies that address active shooters, aggressive behavior and violence, confrontation, sexual harassment, discrimination, weapons, and other issues. 

“A lot of businesses struggle with challenges related to employees, regulations, security, and safety while at the same time trying to make a living for themselves and for their employees. They’re often not equipped with a human resources director or a security director, and many don’t even have a CFO. We help eliminate a lot of serious challenges that can really dismantle a company. We provide stability so they can get back to focusing on profits, surviving, and growing,” says Dimoff.

Procedures for dealing with high-risk situations are equally important, such as business continuity, crisis management, and emergency action plans. 

“One thing that’s unique about SACS is we monitor our clients and respond promptly,” says Dimoff. 

New Challenges

The post-COVID workplace has become difficult for many businesses to navigate, with employees making unreasonable demands and tempers raging out of control. “We’ve seen a huge increase in fear of terminated employee threats. As employees come back to the office, many companies have been requesting physical security analysis for their property, building, windows, doors, locks, electronics, and cameras,” says Dimoff. 

Employees have also expressed concern about security. “With the number of recent workplace shootings, people are concerned,” says Dimoff. “We’re getting calls from companies with 10 to 15 locations wanting us to review and upgrade their security.”

Training for management is also a key component. “People spent two years not interacting in person with one another. They’ve become rusty on business etiquette. Managers need to admit that things are different now and learn how to rebuild relationships and foster communication,” says Dimoff.

Dimoff also notes a high spike in requests for training on diffusing and dealing with difficult people. “I’ve given the same training six times in the past month. We’re getting calls from across the country on this, and it’s training that can be used in your personal life as well,” says Dimoff. “Companies not only need to learn these techniques but also review and adjust their employee manuals to reflect the changes in society.”

Even drug testing, which use to be fairly straightforward, is now muddled with the passing of medical marijuana and recreational use laws. “Companies have to tread more carefully in this area before terminating people,” says Dimoff.

Key Differentiator

While SACS isn’t the only company that offers HR services, its ability to provide security and investigation services sets it apart. SACS employs several former military and law enforcement professionals, a paralegal, and expert researchers to conduct criminal and civil investigations, such as background screenings, accident and missing persons, due diligence, probate, scams, labor disputes, and identity theft, among others. SACS works with everyone from attorneys and insurance companies to businesses, educational institutions, religious organizations, and the general public.

On the security side, SACS employs security officers trained to handle any high-risk situation. Everything from personal security and undercover operations to crowd control and active shooter situations, SACS is prepared to bring a rapid resolution to any issue or crisis. 

The company recently partnered with other experienced and qualified security personnel to offer its services nationwide and respond within 24 hours to any emergency. Additionally, SACS has regional coordinators in place throughout the United States to enhance this service.

Research and Training

SACS is a national leader in research, tracking trends, and compiling its findings to keep the company’s clients up to date. “Our research team stays on top of ongoing issues and has access to government research, including the Dept. of Homeland Security and FBI. This makes us unique and allows us to provide information on very cutting-edge topics,” says Dimoff. 

Of the many training topics offered by SACS, a few of the most requested ones include:

  • Active Shooter Prevention and Response,
  • Defusing Difficult People, and
  • Workplace Bullying.

“Effective training is another way we help businesses to grow,” says Dimoff. “If managers are always putting out fires or the business is sidelined by unexpected litigations, the company loses time and money, which can stagnate growth.”

In addition to training for internal issues, SACS can also address problems stemming from third parties and customers. “We can help companies with any kind of negative attacks or a media crisis. There will always be a small segment of society that will try to take advantage of trends, such as DEI and LGBTQ discrimination, and falsely accuse businesses for their own advantage. We can assist them on how to address the current issues and then, through training and policies, how to prevent them in the future,” says Dimoff.

Little Known Facts

Tim Dimoff Resume

Over the years, Dimoff has established himself as a nationally recognized court expert, testifying across the U.S. for more than 25 years on a range of security, law enforcement, and employee issues. “I get a lot of requests to comment on deadly use of force by police and school shootings,” says Dimoff. “I’m doing a lot of upfront and behind the scenes consulting on these cases.”

Dimoff’s strong reputation has led to many speaking engagements across the country on critical issues such as workplace risks, substance abuse, security, and societal threats. “I’m a very engaging and interactive speaker. I can speak on a number of interesting topics besides HR and security, such as motivation, personal and professional success, the Law of Attraction, and the habits of exceptionally successful people,” says Dimoff.

Dimoff has also been featured on major media outlets including CNN, Dateline NBC, and Fox News. He is frequently sought after by radio, TV, and print media for not only his personal experience but also the research he and his team conducts.  

Dimoff is in such high demand, he could literally spin off his court appearances and speaking engagements into a separate business. On top of all this, Dimoff is also an author, having published six books and numerous articles.

Despite his minor celebrity status, Dimoff believes deeply in giving back and making a difference in people’s lives. “My mother taught me that whatever you gain in life, you need to give back a piece,” he says. Not only does Dimoff pursue this motto in his personal life, but also has incorporated it into the fabric of his company. 

Silent Angels is an unpublicized program within SACS that dedicates some of the company’s profits as well as employees’ time to help those who are disadvantaged. “This has been a mostly word-of-mouth endeavor,” says Dimoff. 

For the past ten years, the company has focused its efforts on helping ex-military, wounded warriors, and those who are struggling. They have purchased beds for kids, appliances for families who experienced tragedies, and equipment for the handicapped. Dimoff’s team has also actively worked with families to find and recover victims of human trafficking. 

“All of this is done at our own cost,” says Dimoff. “Not as a nonprofit or a write off. It’s something that comes from the center of my chest, and my employees embrace it along with me. We’ve been able to make a difference in quite a few people’s lives.”

Team Effort

Key Personnel: (left to right)
David Paul Lariviere, Assistant Director of Operations, Laura A. Petrella, Vice President Client Services, and Tom Still, Director of Operations
Key Personnel: (left to right): David Paul Lariviere, Assistant Director of Operations, Laura A. Petrella, Vice President Client Services, and Tom Still, Director of Operations

Dimoff is quick to point out that his company’s success is the result of a tight-knit, professional team. “What I’m most proud of is this company isn’t just about Tim Dimoff anymore. It’s about numerous people who work for SACS, and they now have an identity as being an integral part of SACS. It’s a TEAM of experts. A TEAM of people who care. And a TEAM who can deliver,” says Dimoff. But there are three members who form the core of his business.

Tom Still, director of operations, has been with SACS since 1992. He is a retired law enforcement officer of 10 years, serving at Summa Health System in Akron.  He has 30+ years of experience with criminal and civil investigations and professional event security. Still has a state of Ohio private investigator and security license and is an expert in electronic debug sweeps. “He’s a great relationship builder and customer coordinator,” says Dimoff.

David Paul Lariviere, assistant director of operations, is a retired two-star general with extensive experience in international intelligence operations. He has over 20 years of experience with senior-level project management, government relations, international business development, political campaign management, information technology, corporate security solutions, marketing, and sales. “He’s phenomenal in terms of organization and building and maintaining relationships with our clients,” says Dimoff. “He’s also an excellent trainer. He’s out of the office more than he’s here, meeting clients and responding to issues.”  

Laura A. Petrella, vice president client services, joined SACS three years ago. She led the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce for 27 years. Petrella has a strong business acumen and does everything from networking to coordinating client relations. “I’m blessed to have someone with her level of experience on my team,” says Dimoff.

Having this core crew is what allows Dimoff to pursue his other endeavors. “I can be away from the business, and I don’t have to worry about it. And that’s something a lot of small businesses don’t have. Not only do I have these three but also 10 to 15 people who are tentacles out into the community that I can rely on,” says Dimoff.

More recently, Dimoff has added his own family to the mix. His son, Darrin, is an attorney and has served as general consul for the past six years. He also provides IT support. His wife, Michelle, works from home handling the company’s financials. “I’m really proud of the contribution my son and my wife make to the company,” says Dimoff.

Broad Reach

From its local impact to the national stage, SACS has helped small businesses and nonprofits, such as Bounce Innovation Hub and Ms. WheelChair USA, to large corporations with multiple locations, such as Avery Denison and Air Gas. “We’ve had quite a few unique assignments. We were one of the largest private security companies chosen for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. We also provided security for the presidential debates at Case Western University,” says Dimoff.

After 38 years of steady growth, SACS continues to hold true to its values. Dimoff notes, “SACS is all about one thing: meet people, meet people, meet people. Building relationships. Responding, listening, and interacting with clients on a continuous basis—not just at first. And constantly striving to do more for them. That’s our core. That’s our secret sauce.”

520 S Main St #2516
Akron, OH 44311
(330) 255-1101

Photos and Story by Jillian Harman