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Become a Supporter

Become a Supporter

Our magazine is mailed free of charge to pre-qualified businesses. If you are not currently on our mailing list and primarily offer commercial products or services, reach out to us for consideration. 

Unlock exclusive benefits and support this unique business resource!

PLUS: ANY business can now qualify to receive our magazine by becoming a Supporter!

Supporters’ names will be listed in a special column in each issue. Premium Supporters will have their logo listed, receive 10% off ad rates, and be highlighted via our social channels.

Becoming an advertiser will also add you to our list. Any size and any frequency qualifies!

Support Levels*
Standard $125
 | Premium $250
*Per year (10 months).
Monthly rate is $15 & $28 per month
respectively for fewer than 10 months.

We’re currenting assessing interest in these offerings. There’s no obligation now. We will contact those interested in becoming a Supporter in January. Please complete the form below.

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