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Nathan Jarosz, Founder of LITE, presents a program at a local high school.

Leadership Influencing Teen Empowerment (LITE)

Leadership Influencing Teen Empowerment (LITE) is a nonprofit organization providing students with leadership development and emotional intelligence training. Founded in Akron by Nathan Jarosz, LITE believes leadership skills are universal, and every young person should have an equal opportunity to learn valuable leadership principles. LITE’s mission is to provide youth with impactful leadership knowledge and experiences.

Founder Nathan Jarosz is an international leadership trainer who has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2014. Nathan developed a youth leadership program called LEAD, which brought leadership education into the classrooms of various schools in Summit and neighboring counties. It was this program that led to the founding of LITE.

Primary Programs

LITE offers several programs for different age groups and needs. LITE’s main program is LEAD (Leadership Empowerment and Development). LEAD comprises up to six leadership development sessions for high-school classes and is delivered in person and virtually. From leadership and reasoning to social-emotional training, students participate in discussions and activities and experience presentations on higher education leadership skills. Program topics include Purpose, Communication, Finding Solutions, Team Development, Behavioral Styles (DiSC), and Emotional Intelligence.

LITE offers several supplementary sessions and continues to add programs to fit the needs of specific schools and community groups. Example topics include Creative Thinking, Followership, Conflict Management, Engagement, and Leadership Styles. LITE seeks to position itself as the go-to leadership organization for young people.

LITE also offers an expanded program, Everything Leadership; a middle-school program, YES (Youth Empowerment Series); and an adult program, Impact Summit Program. In addition, LITE operates with a DiSC Certification and can offer DiSC Assessments and consultations for individuals and groups. All of LITE’s programs can be administered in person or virtually.

By the end of its fifth school year in 2023, LITE expects to have reached more than 4,000 students since its inception. Businesses rely on corporate trainers to teach their skills to their employees. LITE brings professional development training to the classroom to prepare students for a future where they will be leaders.

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