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Grace House Akron Overview

Grace House Akron

Imagine being alone during your dying days with no one to care for you, no one to hold your hand, and no one to say goodbye. Sadly, many of our neighbors are facing this heartbreaking reality.

Richard, a Vietnam veteran, lived in a home that was falling apart. He rarely left his house and was anxious about the prospect of moving. Upon arriving at Grace House, Richard was apprehensive and wanted to leave. However, as he got to know the staff and experienced their gen- uine kindness, he gradually began to feel more at home.

Richard was thankful for the warm bed and warm hearts of Grace House staff. When he passed away, he died surrounded by people who truly cared for him.

Holly Klein, a former in-home hospice RN, routinely witnessed patients falling through the gaps of the healthcare system, especially the underprivileged and under- insured. Motivated by the belief that all people deserve a dignified death and no one should die alone, Klein and co-found- ers Cindy and Nicholas Browning founded Grace House Akron, Inc. in 2017 as a not- for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Construction of the facility began in 2019, and Grace House opened its doors to the community in 2022.

The comfort care home provides a caring environment for the terminally ill, the underinsured, and the underprivileged— those who would otherwise spend their final days without the support of family and friends.

Grace House provides 24/7 caregiving, including food and shelter, administered by specially trained staff and volunteers. All Grace House services are free, allowing individuals to pass peacefully without financial barriers to care.

Additionally, Grace House offers pet therapy, music and art therapy, vigil companions, and self-care for families and staff.

Grace House is funded solely by donations and the time, talents, and love of its many volunteers.

Donations come in many forms, not just monetary. Volunteering, hosting an event, following us on social media, and signing up for the e-newsletter all keep Grace House thriving.

Please consider donating to Grace House to ensure it remains a thriving and sustainable part of the Akron community.

To learn more about Grace House and how to get involved, please visit