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Free Opportunities

Two great ways to gain exposure for your business!

Each month we publish a Profile story highlighting businesses with specific traits. We also feature a fun Alter Ego column on people with unexpected hobbies. 

Both opportunites require the completion of a brief questionnaire and availability for a photoshoot on an assigned date.

Complete the application below by December 31, 2023 to be considered!

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Runs each month
People with a day job or business that differs dramatically from their passion or hobby. Example, financial advisor who is a drummer in a punk rock band.

2024 Profiles

Passionate Paycheck
From Hobby to Hustle
Companies that started as a side gig or hobby and are now full-time businesses.

The Business of Entertainment
Where Grown-Ups Go to Play
Game- or activity-based businesses catering to adults. At least 70% of sales must be derived from adult-only participation. 

Leading Ladies
Female CEOs in Command
Women heading local corporations (non-owners and for-profit companies only)

Pooches Permitted
Fido-Friendly Firms
Businesses that allow customers
to bring their dogs. Excludes animal-focused businesses, like veterinary, grooming, etc.

Part-Time Powerhouses
Day Jobs with Dream Jobs
People who juggle a full-time job and side hustle who hope to one day make their side hustle their primary income source.

All in the Family
Relatives on the Roster
First-generation, family-run businesses. 

Second Act
Businesses Reinvented
Businesses that changed their business model to survive. This could include shifting focus to one or a single line of products/services or switching to a completely different offering.

Sustaining Success
Growing Generations
Multi-generation businesses. Companies controlled by a descendant of the founding family member. Must be owned/operated by at least a 2nd-generation family member. Founding member must no longer be involved with the company.

Analog Enterprises
Doing without Digital
Companies still using non-digital technology to run their business (e.g., manual cash register, fax machine, typewriter)

Rising from the Ashes
Company Comebacks
Businesses that survived a catastrophe
(e.g., significant financial loss, building fire)

Is your business located in Summit, Portage, or Stark County?(Required)
Select the month(s) for which your business matches one or more of our 2024 Profiles and/or if you have an Alter Ego. Check all that apply.
Please provide a brief description of how you match the profile(s). For Alter Ego profiles, tell us about your day job (title and company) and describe what your hobby is.
If different from contact person.

IMPORTANT: Please note

All questionnaires will be sent out the first week of January and must be completed by January 10, 2024. Business owners or relevant participant(s) MUST be available for a brief photo shoot on the following dates.

Issue Month | Photo Shoot
March | Jan. 23
April | Jan. 30
May | Feb. 6
June | Feb. 13
July | Feb 27
Aug | March 5
Sept | March 12
Oct | March 26
Nov | April 2
Dec | April 9

Specific times will be assigned the first week of January. PLEASE SET THESE DATES ASIDE NOW IN YOUR CALENDAR. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific day/time requests for photo scheduling.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.