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Editorial Opportunities

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Become a Thought Leader

What makes The 330 Business Connector unique is the opportunity to keep your company top of mind each month with editorial opportunities.

Complimentary editorial opportunities are non-advertorial articles designed to educate and inform readers on industry-specific or trending business topics. They are designed to showcase you as a leader in your field. Editorial space indirectly promotes your business.

Articles related to your industry are written on your behalf and include your byline, headshot, and brief bio at the end of the story. You’ll receive a proof before publishing. You can also submit your own content; however, it may be edited to conform to our magazine’s style and standards. Contact us for details.

As a bonus, articles are posted to our website and promoted to our social channels approximately two weeks after each issue is published. This provides an added boost for your business and grows the magazine’s audience. Check out some of our great content >

Cover stories include a photo of your business on the cover, photo on table of contents page plus four pages of content and images.

Cover Story

For the ultimate exposure, you can put your company on the cover! This opportunity is included with our premium ad packages or available without a package and includes:

  • One-Hour Interview & Photo Session
  • Cover Photo
  • TOC Photo of your team
  • Expertly written, Four-Page Story
  • Creative Layout with additional photos and graphics
  • JPEGs of photos featured in the story + reproduction rights

For more information about our editorial opportunities, please contact us to request our media kit.