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Courage to Caregivers

Courage to Caregivers

Courage to Caregivers believes that when you take better care of yourself, you provide better care to those you love. 

Based in Northeast Ohio, we deliver tools and encouragement to empower caregivers nationwide. All of our offerings are delivered via video conference, allowing us to reach audiences of any size, anywhere. We offer programs in a validating, nonjudgmental environment to help caregivers develop the inner strength to care for themselves so they can better care for their loved ones. In the simplest terms, Courage to Caregivers is in the caregiver burnout prevention business. 

Education, Support, Empowerment

We offer three unique programs: One-to-One Caregiver Peer Support, professionally-led Group Coaching (Support Groups), and Breathing Meditation classes. Each is specifically targeted to the needs of caregivers and delivers self-care techniques and tools to help them better cope with and manage the stress of caregiving and build resilience. 

Caregivers are encouraged to find what works best for them and use the new skills to take care of their overall health and well-being so that they can advocate for and support their loved ones.

We also offer workshops based on our core values, current programming, and commitment to building resilience among caregivers of all kinds. 

Support for Professionals

Even trained professionals are at risk for burnout. Courage to Caregivers offers programs and CEU courses for professional caregivers, community agencies, and businesses looking for effective ways to build resiliency and support those on the front lines of caregiving. 

Care in the Workplace

The pandemic has intensified feelings of uncertainty and stress. For example, the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, conducted in January 2021, found that 41% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, compared with 11% reported in the CDC’s National Health Interview Survey in June 2019. 

Many people have concerns about their mental health and well-being. Companies must be in tune with the changing needs of their employees and accept that workers have lives beyond the workplace, which can affect their well-being. 

Courage to Caregivers is a resource for businesses to help their employees be the best versions of themselves by educating them on mental health and well-being and providing new ways to evaluate, manage, and succeed in their daily lives. 

“My organization has been impressed with the quality of Courage to Caregivers’ offerings,” says Marianne Crosley, president and CEO of Cleveland Leadership Center. “Their team presented workshops in several of our leadership programs, which were beneficial even to those not in a caregiver role. Participants readily embraced the self-care concepts and practices offered.” 

Event Speakers 

In addition to our personal, professional, and corporate programs, our team leaders are available to speak at your conferences and events. We offer hands-on, interactive workshops incorporating the latest evidence-based research on stress management, burnout prevention, and overall health and well-being. 

Help is Available

Although it may not be possible to entirely remove stress from caregivers’ lives, Courage to Caregivers offers portable and sustainable tools for coping with stress. These tools include key elements to build resilience, such as understanding stress and burnout and maintaining healthy work-life boundaries. 

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Kristy Horner

Story by Kristi Horner, Founder and Executive Director

Courage to Caregivers believes that when you take better care of yourself, you provide better care to those you love.