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Carve Your Own Path

Carve Your Own Path

Carve Your Own Path (CYOP), a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Copley, Ohio, is addressing mental health through a unique, community-based approach. The organization’s mission is rooted in evidence-based, trauma-informed practices that provide holistic wellness services, education, and consultation. The focus is not only on treating symptoms but also on fostering an inclusive environment where individuals can seek mental health services without fear of judgment.

Founded in 2018 by Amanda Kostura, LISW-S, CYOP aims to create a space where everyone can access the resources they need to improve their mental well-being regardless of their background or identity. The organization welcomes and supports LGBTQIA+ individuals and emphasizes gender-affirming care. 

the team
The team at Carve Your Own Path offers a welcoming and inclusive environment. Pictured are (left to right) Jenna Savago, Lisa R. Schaefer, and Amanda Kostura.

Holistic Approach

CYOP employs a holistic approach to mental health, grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness model, developed by Margaret Swarbrick. This comprehensive framework for understanding wellness includes physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional/mental, occupational, environmental, and financial dimensions. Each of these aspects is considered in CYOP’s treatment plans, designed to treat the entire person, not isolated symptoms.

CYOP offers mental health counseling, as well as art, embodied, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapies. These services are available in individual and group settings, providing flexibility for clients with different needs and comfort levels. From anxiety and depression to more complex issues like PTSD and chronic pain, the organization aims to provide a safe space where clients can address their mental health challenges in a comforting and supportive environment.

Wellness Programs

CYOP also offers wellness programs, including private and group yoga classes and Reiki. These complementary therapies can enhance the effectiveness of more traditional mental health treatments.

CYOP extends its wellness programs to businesses, offering group sessions to reduce work-related stress, support culture, improve retention, and promote overall wellness. Team members are also available for speaking engagements and presentations on self-care, stress management, mindfulness, and creating safe and welcoming spaces.

CYOP also offers professional educational programs for other providers, organizations, and businesses. Social worker training supervision ensures that future mental health professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective, compassionate care.

Community Impact

CYOP hosts its own podcast, “Grow Your Path to Wellness,” which offers practical mental health information that normalizes conversations around mental health.

As mental health continues to be a critical issue in Ohio and nationally, CYOP is filling a crucial gap in the mental health landscape. Its focus on holistic well-being, inclusivity, and community education makes it a valuable resource for those seeking a different path to mental wellness. n

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