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Business etiquette

A Return to Business Etiquette

Etiquette might seem like an old-fashioned concern. As workplaces navigate the challenges of remote working and digital communication, a refresher on basic business courtesies is overdue. Whether it’s showing up on time, proper conduct during meetings, or how you present yourself, these seemingly minor details can have a major impact on your professional life.

The Ghosting Problem

Ghosting, or failing to show up for an appointment without notice, is becoming a serious issue. With access to constant connectivity via cell phones and email, not giving notice is inexcusable. Healthcare providers have tackled this issue by imposing fees for no-shows, but similar penalties are hard to implement in a business context. This habit needs to be curbed, not only for the younger workforce but also seasoned professionals who should know better.

Mixing Personal and Professional Objectives

Turning business interactions into personal or romantic opportunities is not only unprofessional but could also lead to allegations of harassment. Whether in-person or online, crossing professional lines is seldom welcome. This practice undermines the core objective of professional interactions and could have serious repercussions.

Dressing for Success

As remote work becomes more common, there’s been a noticeable shift towards casual attire in professional settings. While comfort is important, what you wear communicates a lot about your personal brand. With the return to in-person meetings, it’s essential to reassess your wardrobe. Your choice of attire should project professionalism.

Step Up

Respecting yourself and others is at the core of business etiquette. While adopting more relaxed rules when working at home is acceptable, choosing a more formal business presence will elevate your professional image and establish boundaries for in-person interactions. Business etiquette remains critical to building and maintaining professional relationships and contributing to a respectful workplace culture.